Nursery ryhmes: How our teachers taught us wrong.

Growing up as a child, I’ve always heard the poem Mista macaroni riding on a bycicle, if you want to marry me, mr macaroni, bum bum, sisi mi ya bum bum, sisi mi ya bum bum, sisi mi ya bum bum, Mr macaroni bum bum”. I never knew the meaning, i only knew that our teachers recited it to us in that form.

However, recently i came across the original version of the poem, and i promise you, you will feel the feelings that i felt when i discovered the real version of the poem. Imagine having the phrase Mr Mike Anthony being written or said as Mr macaroni. Mad right ? 🤣 And to think that i had spent 11 years of my life reciting the poem the wrong way, gosh! Our teachers should just go on TV and apologize to us all.

Below is the correct form of reciting the poem.

Mr Mike Anthony, riding on a bycicle, would you like to carry me, Mr Mike Anthony ?

Jump on, Cecilia jump on, Cecilia jump on, Cecilia said Mr Mike Anthony, jump on.

And funny enough, there are several other nursery rhymes out there that suffers the same fate as Mr Mike Anthony. But not to worry, i’ll keep you informed as i discover another one.


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