Your Journey is Personal, Don’t be Intimidated.

Your Journey is Personal, Don’t be Intimidated. 🏃🏃

I know you would have heard more than a hundred times, but it’s just to remind you again. Never be intimidated by people’s success.

Don’t use people success as yardstick for your success.

Success is a journey, if they claim to have reached their destination, please chill and relax. Yours is in progress but be diligent and committed to your journey.

When two drivers are given two different vehicles for a journey. A hilux and a Camry to be precise. It’s unarguable that the hilux will reach the destination before the Camry, but the Camry will also get to the destination too.

The difference between the two cars is the engine. The engine of the hilux has been designed and built to cover long distance than the Camry.

There might be huge differences between you and others, but I tell you don’t be intimidated.

When you measure your journey with others, you will not know the distance you have covered.

Believe in your journey and you will surely get to your destination.

To your purpose fulfillment,
Omotehinse Dennis Idowu.


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