On my way to a barber’s shop some days ago. I stopped when I saw some kids playing. They were three in number. I could see the way they were playing and throwing clothes up so, the clothes could hang on the the hanger.
I noticed the first kid of the three kids, was tall (an added advantage) and had a burning passion and zeal to throw up the clothes so it could hang on the hanger.

The second kid, was also tall (an added advantage) but she lacks the passion while the other kids were throwing the clothes up, she was sluggishly throwing and calling them to help her.

The third kid was short and much younger than them. His was zealous of throwing the clothes on the hanger. He jumped and falled severally but that does deter him from throwing it until the clothes hung on the hanger.

The goals of kids were to hang the clothes on the hanger.

Everyone of us wants to be successful but success do not come easy. It is the product of effort put in place and sweat produced. There are people who wants to achieve the same goal as yours but are more advantageous than you. They seem to be more closer to success than you do. That should not make you lose your focus.

Can we just be like third kid who despite the challenges does not give up. He knew the first kid had all it takes to succeed but through the I WILL NOT GIVE UP SPIRIT, he also succeeded and they both achieved the same goal.

Be passionate and intentional about your goal then success awaits you.


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