Have you ever seen a poor man who has nothing at his disposal?
Have you ever seen a rich man who has exotic cars and magnificent edifices?
Well! Both are products of thought but no human will want to live the former. We were created to fulfill our divine mandate and we have the innermost feelings to be successful, which is entrenched on our thought.

Thought is a powerful tool in achieving success. It controls the mind and both the seen and unseen actions which happened to us. Our thought should be thoroughly checked. Remove every negativity which derail one from success.

A man said and I quote “both riches and poverty are offspring of thoughts. They are the products of what we think. Our minds replicate what we have as our thought.
It’s imperative, we inculcate good positive thought which pessimism cannot withstand. The power of though can never be underestimated because they will lead you throughout your lifetime.
Guide well your thought.

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