Do Not Despise the Days of Little Beginning.

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Some might be waiting to launch out big so as to achieve their goals, but you! Yes you! Do not have to start like that. Start with the little things you have, take the first single step and always remember to take intentional steps to come out big.

Waiting for everything to be set, waiting for everything to be at your disposal before starting will not only waste your time time, it may also deprive you from reaching your goals.

Many rich men started small, taking intentional steps and hitting persistently. If they had wanted to wait for the perfect time, they would not have started.

I would tell your generation, wherever you are on the totem poll – whether you’re halfway or at the bottom, don’t despise the small beginnings, small beginnings get you ready for the great things. TD. James.

Small beginnings open the door and usher you to greater things and teach you how to manage them effectively.

Don’t despise the days of little beginnings; they are the beginning of big and real success.

There is power in little beginnings.

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