Don’t Be a Bystander

Can you read that again? Yes! Never be a bystander nor an onlooker. Be actively involved in wherever place you find yourself and contribute your own quota. You can’t just exist in this world. Being active is the key to be relevant in this era.

People will never know how precious you are by being a bystander. You will never be valued. Making the world a better place is the song of every nation and their citizens will never stop providing solution. That is why people never stop the investigations, inventions, and birthing new ideas to develop things which are more sophisticated than before.

Bystanders will never know the importance of time. Time is the most prevalent gift given to humanity. They will never value it. To achieve anything worthwhile it depends on how often you use your time.

Bystanders are afraid to achieve their goals because of critics. Never be afraid to do what is necessary of critics.

Bystanders never fulfill purpose. Bystanders will always be idle and never know their purpose of existence.

Bystanders are stagnant. They are not ready to work and fulfill purpose. They will forever be in the same phase and never get anything done.

For you to be relevant in this century, your hands must be on deck. Get that degree, volunteer, start the business. By so doing, you are actively involved and making the world more better.

Never be a bystander, it’s dangerous.

To your purpose fulfilment,
Omotehinse Dennis Idowu.

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