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Some years back, Mr Bola was a man who lived in affluence, wealth and influence. He was blessed but does not know how to give. When people visited him for help, he would asked if they were orphans. If their answers were yes then he would tell them orphans work and their ways are mostly blessed. And if their answers were no he would tell to go and meet their parents so they could the necessary things like he did for his children.

Few years later, things were not as beautiful as they were. His family, friends, wife, and children deserted him. He lived in rejection, agony and depression until he passed away.

What would he be remembered for? NOTHING

Men of legacy ask themselves these questions ” when my sun set, when my breathe ceaseth and when my days are earth over, what will be said of me? And what would I be remembered for?” Men of legacy incorporate these questions in their subconscious mind which directs their lives and help them live intentionally.

When you came to the earth, is not only about you fulfilling your purpose. It’s also about how many people you are willing to help fulfill their purposes. There are lots of destinies attached to yours. You should not just be satisfied with what you have achieved. You must crave to always help people fulfill destinies. With this you are building an indelible legacy which remains forever.

When you die people will definitely share stories about you. What stories do you want them to share about you? Shannon L. Elder says and I quote “Carve your name on hearts and not on tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you”.

When you are in position to help don’t hesitate to extend helping hands. That’s the joy of a successful existence.

Do well to have a good and lasting legacy because posterity beacons.

Ps: Nelson Mandela

To your purpose fulfilment,
Omotehinse Dennis Idowu

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