You Are a Seed That Cannnot be Buried

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Do you know there are different types of people?

Some want you to be successful so they would do all they could.

Some do not want you to be successful but pretend so you don’t know.

Some do not want you to be successful and they will never pretend. They always show it to your face.

Only the first type of people are considered great and selfless people. They never allow their ego take control of them. They are types of friend we must care for. They are friends that want you grow and progress. They are types of people who groom and make you relevant.

The second and the third sets of people are egocentric, wicked and envious. They will always want your downfall. They are people who will always want you buried. They have forgotten that you are a seed destined to grow and bear fruits.

They have forgotten you are the son of the Most High. You are a seed which is destined to grow on any land.

They will want to burry you by frustrating, criticizing and using harsh words on you. That shouldn’t stop you from growing.

Let them try to burry you, you will always spring forth. Bringing fruits and fulfilling your purpose of existence.

You are a seed, never cease to grow because you are destined to grow.

To your purpose fulfilment,
Omotehinse Dennis

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