It’s inexorable that money must be fully kept in a secure and safe place to avoid loss which could lead to regret.

The crux of the situation is that no matter how small or big the money maybe, the money has to be kept.

Haven’t you noticed that a Hilux with security personnel do accompany a bullion van before and after the operation?

The reason behind that is to prevent the loss which might occur.

Money can’t be kept in a transparent bag to reduce suspicion to the minimum.

The future can be likened to a bag of money which must be kept in a safe place.

The quality of work put in place today will determine the quality of life you will enjoy tomorrow.

At any slight mistake, you could lose the money and which might not be easily recovered.

It’s when the bag is fully safe that you can spend the money, but when it’s not the result will be negative.

When you prepare for the future, life becomes easier and you will enjoy all the benefits attached to the works put in place.

Be intentional about your future.

Secure the future!

Did you get value?

To your purpose fulfilment,

Omotehinse Dennis Idowu

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