Hardest part of life

“Don’t wait until all your doubts and fears are gone before you start working on your dream, because the truth is that there will always be some fears and doubts left in your mind. However, the key is to never allow them to slow you down, place limitations on your life, or blur your positive vision for the future. You are greater than all your fears and doubts”; Edmond Mbiak.

Can you read that quote again?


I am glad you did.

The hardest part of life is waiting when you could have done some meaningful and beautiful works.

You are needed to make things happen, not to keep watching how things happen.

If you don’t want to start because you think you will be criticized, I am not sure you will ever start.

If you don’t want to start because of the fear of rejection, you will soon be rejected because you have nothing to offer.

If you don’t want to start because you haven’t received people’s approvals, you are taking a big risk and endangering your life.

Enough of the waiting! Start and see how it will go for you.

You need to be intentional with your own life because it’s your predominant responsibility.

Start with what you have instead of waiting and every other thing will follow.

The greatest regret would have been I wished I started earlier.

All those things that make life convenient for you would have not been in existence if the inventors had kept waiting.

Waiting is disastrous and detrimental. It’s too costly for your growth.

Remember you are stronger than every doubt, fear, rejection and limitation.

Start working now!

Trust you got value?

To your purpose fulfilment,

Omotehinse Dennis Idowu.

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