Ilaje Voice Debate(Primary School Category), 2022 Edition.

State school - School

On February 2022, students and pupils from various schools across Ilaje who obtained forms for the 2022 edition of the Ilaje Voice Debate, were officially on-boarded for the annual debate competition. The on-boarding events affords them the opportunity to understand what the debate is about, how to conduct themselves, and also the rules they’ll have to adhere to.

The Categories

The debate competition was designed to accommodate both secondary and primary school categories. In each of the categories, there are 3 stages that the contestants would have to pass through before getting to the finals. The secondary category was first conducted, and 10 finalists emerged.

The Primary School Category

Yesterday, being 17th of March, 2022, the first stage of the primary school category commenced. Just like the secondary school category, the primary school category also contains 3 stages, before the 10 finalists would emerge.

State school - School
The debate participants for the primary school category
Textile - Outerwear
A young sower anchoring the first stage of the primary school category.

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