Dennis Omotehinse


I have realized concerning the new year that it does not make a difference from the previous years unless you did. This year will take the way the last year took if you don’t change. Change is very pertinent if you aren’t on the right track. If you want anything worthwhile, let the change begins […]


LEGACY Seeds of wisdom foundation - Legacy

Some years back, Mr Bola was a man who lived in affluence, wealth and influence. He was blessed but does not know how to give. When people visited him for help, he would asked if they were orphans. If their answers were yes then he would tell them orphans work and their ways are mostly […]

Do Not Despise the Days of Little Beginning.

Do Not Despise the Days of Little Beginning.

Some might be waiting to launch out big so as to achieve their goals, but you! Yes you! Do not have to start like that. Start with the little things you have, take the first single step and always remember to take intentional steps to come out big. Waiting for everything to be set, waiting […]